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When the magical WoodRock is stolen from the Land of Elyk, a wizard must find six volunteers to go with him on a dangerous journey to the Land of Nodnarb in the hope of retrieving the stone before something evil can take over the world. Along the way, these adventurers will face many obstacles, as well as their own mistrust of one another. 

On the Ocean Road, teens will be forced to become adults as they battle goblins, wicked trolls, and the fiercest creature of them all - the Gothmur.

Mathias had a peaceful, simple life as a farmer. A ranger and a far-out link to the emperor changed everything. His family murdered and the town where he lived destroyed. Mathias wants revenge, but can a young farmer become an assassin? What will it take to bring revenge on the man at the top who started it all?

When William gets thrown 500 years into the future, humanity is on its knees in a war for survival. The same gene that sent William to the future brings him other benefits. As his body develops special powers he meets Sara, the resistance's best warrior. 

Sara is the only other person to have shown these powers and has become formidable in their use. 

Can Will develop a friendship with Sara and between the two of them do they stand a chance against earth's invaders?

Can we justify putting our jobs before our family? What happens when we try to rectify it? Is the right solution always the first choice or do we just get the job done? Sometimes what happens to our children says more about us than our kids. When Adrian's father gets a promotion it means moving to a new city and new school, fitting in for Adrian isn't as simple as he thought.