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Author and Narrator

I'm a Christian author and narrator from Ireland/Northern Ireland. My preferred genres are sci-fi, fantasy, and coming-of-age stories. When writing my stories usually lean toward strong male and female lead characters. Always seeking to provoke the reader into deeper thought about human behavior, both my fantasy and my sci-fi novels receive positive reviews.  With regards to narrating, my voice lends itself to fantasy and romance.

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Voice Over

Those who are interested in purchasing some of the audiobooks I've narrated or those of my own books that have been narrated can click the links below.  

For those interested in hiring me to voice over your audiobook the rates are as follows.

$250 Per finished hour for any genre.



Gray Wolf: A Legends of Ansu Fantasy by JW Webb

Highland Bandits by Blair Keith

Highland Deadly Secrets by Blair Keith

Highland Forbidden Love by Blair Keith

Twisted Beginnings by RA Lingenfelter

A Tale of Heroes by Mark R Hansen

The Fall of the Hour by Graeme J Greenan

A Warrior's Heart by Victoria Oliveri

Timekeeper (Realm of Elestra) Book 1 by Rebekah Dodson

Into the Wildbarrens (The Gems of Elsana Book 1) By Christian Sterling (Due for release July 2019)

Bound by Oath and Honour (Bound by Oath and Honor Series) By Debbie Peterson (Due for release June 2019)

The Phoenix Chronicles by MK Williams

Norse Mythology: To the Gates of Valhalla - A Journey Through the Twisted Mythology of the Norse Peoples By Nichola Wil Merula (The Children Of Corvus Book 2) By L.E. Harrison

Corvus (The Children Of Corvus) By L.E. Harrison

The Ocean Road by Sonny Collins

Clouds In The Sky, The Beginning Of Starscope Bubbles By Kaysone Sky Blossom

Trading: Day Trading Strategies: Forex Trading, Options Trading And Stock Market By Andrew Douglas

The Beast - by Guy Lozier

Facial Expressions In A Nutshell - By In A Nutshell Publishinglson,

Parenting Styles: How to Put a Constant Smile on Your Child’s Face,

The Ultimate Guide to Office Politics!: The Only Step-By-Step Roadmap On How To Successfully Climb To The Top! By William S. Aaron,

Python Machine Learning for beginners: How to learn digital programming in 12 hours  By Gary Gold

A Father's Life: True Tales from the Frontiers of Fatherhood By Joseph Sarosy

Stock Market Investing For Beginners: Day Trading Strategies To Invest In Options And Stocks By Andrew Douglas

Fat Loss For Women And Men - Burn Fat and Lose Weight Permanentely: Burn Fat Like Magic - For Beginners By James Moore Easy Keto Diet For Beginners - 30 Days Plan - All Day: Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Low Carb Recipes - Specific Daily Meal Plan - Weight Loss And Healthy: Easy Keto For Beginners - Complete Guide By Laura Violet

Life After ESL: Foreign Teachers Returning Home By Jackie Bolen

Improve Your Social Skills: A Step by Step Guide to Build Confidence Interacting with Others and Be Sociable Anytime By Stuart Koffman

How To Analyze People: Practical Strategies to Speed-Read People And Instantly Improve Your Personal, Professional and Social Relationship By Stuart Koffman



Voice over for video essay project - Alex by Alex E.Posted: 6 May 2019

Voice over for Northern Ireland travel guide - Shaon Talukder

The Narration of Genesis Chapter 1 - Kiron Fung

Audio Editing Of Audio Book - Frazer Brookes