I'm a Christian narrator from Ireland/Northern Ireland.  Some people call me Robert and others call me Andrew...either is fine.   My voice lends itself to many genres from fantasy to romance and poetry.   Feel free to listen to the samples I have provided below or click on the link just below Narration credits to see my Audible catalog.

If you are interested in getting me to narrate your audiobook then feel free to fill in the form at the bottom and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Trial by Sorcery: Dragon Riders of Osnen Book 1
Lost in the Mist of Time by Karen Michelle Nutt

A Little Bit of Everything by Edward Matthew Donnelly

Gray Wolf: Legends of Ansu, Book 1 By J.W.Webb

Legend of the Longsword: Legends of Ansu, Book 2 by J.W.Webb

Wolves and Assassins: Legends of Ansu, Book 3 by J.W.Webb

The Shattered Crown: Crystal Crown Trilogy, Book 1 by J.W. Webb

The Lost Prince: Crystal Crown Trilogy, Book 2 by J.W. Webb

The Glass Throne: Crystal Crown Trilogy Book 3 by J.W Webb

The Emerald Queen: A Legends of Ansu Fantasy by J.W. Webb

A Tale of Heroes By Mark R Hansen Twisted Beginnings by RA Lingenfelter

Storms on the Rise by Zachery Yale

Highland Forbidden Love by Blair Keith

Highland Deadly Secrets by Blair Keith

Highland Bandits by Blair Keith

The Fall of the Hour(Knights of the Hour) by Graeme J Greenan

The Phoenix Chronicles by M.K. Williams

A Warrior's Heart by Victoria Oliveri

Into the Wildbarrens (The Gems of Elsana Book 1) by Christian Sterling

Bound by Oath and Honour (Bound by Oath and Honor Series) by Debbie Peterson

Norse Mythology: To the Gates of Valhalla - A Journey Through the Twisted Mythology of the Norse Peoples by Nichola Wil

Merula (The Children Of Corvus Book 2) by L.E. Harrison

Corvus (The Children Of Corvus) by L.E. Harrison

The Ocean Road by Sonny Collins

Clouds In The Sky, The Beginning Of Starscope Bubbles by Kaysone Sky Blossom

The Beast - by Guy Lozier

A Father's Life: True Tales from the Frontiers of Fatherhood by Joseph Sarosy

Life After ESL: Foreign Teachers Returning Home by Jackie Bolen

Python Machine Learning for Beginner: How to Learn Digital Programming in 12 Hours by Gary Gold

Timekeeper (Realm of Elestra Book 1)by Rebekah Dodson

Lydia (Realm of Elestra Book 2) by Rebekah Dodson

Twisted Beginnings by RA Lingenfelter


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